One thing that makes Vincere different is our pace of innovation. We are relentless. Here are the highlights of what we’ve shipped so far…

  • July 2018
    [Velocity] Turn LI profiles into Formatted Resumes
    Turn LinkedIn profiles into resumes. Ready to send.
    For every new candidate using Velocity, you can create a formatted resume with LinkedIn profile info.
  • June 2018
    [Analytics] Temp & Contract Dashboard
    Get a holistic view of your contract book
  • June 2018
    [Analytics] GDPR Dashboard
    Get an at-a-glance view of stats like: Consent to Keep / Represent or Right to be forgotten
  • June 2018
    [GDPR Compliance]
    Send outreach emails to new and existing candidates to request for Consent, permission to represent or be forgotten
  • June 2018
    [UI Update] Search
    Enhanced navigation & usability for a beautiful search experience.
  • June 2018
    File Library
    One easy place to upload, search and view all onboarding related documents.
  • June 2018
    [UI Update] Admin & User Settings
    Simplified, elegant layout for quick navigation
  • June 2018
    Candidate Onboarding
    Get candidates to upload on-boarding related documents and send emails reminders
    Send bulk emails & reminders to placed candidates to request for documents | Ability to specify what kind of documents are required for onboarding
  • June 2018
    Candidate Availability
    Request, check and manage candidate availability for Temp and Contract Roles
    Send bulk emails to candidates to request for availability | Candidates can update availability via a branded online interface | Availability info syncs back to Vincere and is searchable | View candidate availability for This week & Next week based on statuses: Available / Unavailable / Unknown
  • June 2018
    Manage and run multiple brands with ease
    Create and manage multiple brands, divisions and teams.
  • June 2018
    [Velocity] Improvements
    New functionalities: Add to Talent Pools or Distribution Lists | Configure Settings for Duplicate Identification | Resume from LI Profile | Update existing profiles
  • June 2018
    Client Portal
    A 24/7 secure portal that offers your clients on-demand access for the services you do for them
    An extension of Vincere's website stack. Give your clients access to all jobs, candidates and documents on a secure portal.
  • June 2018
    Effortlessly send email marketing campaigns to engage Candidates and Contacts
    Import Vincere contacts to MailChimp and view MailChimp campaign activity in Vincere
  • Feb 2018
    Astute Payroll
    Seamless integration with astute: pull in & export data in a click
    With Vincere's integration with Astute, achieve all these things in one click: pull in export placement & invoicing information | view export history
  • Feb 2018
    [SMS] Twilio
    Send SMS from inside Vincere
    Twilio allows you to send personalised text messages to your candidates right from inside Vincere without having to whip out your mobile phones
  • Feb 2018
    LiveList - new UI
    An upgraded LiveList with a brand new look
    Recruiters love the LiveList, and their clients love it too. That's why we're giving it a brand new look.
  • Feb 2018
    Import custom fields from MYOB
    MYOB is the online accounting software for tax, accounting and other services. Visit to learn more.
  • Feb 2018
    Mobile App
    Recruit anywhere, anytime
    At last- Vincere in the palm of your hand! Swipe though your pipeline and review applications. Tap once to call or send an email. Add notes and comments on-the-fly as you speak to clients and shortlist candidates on the go. Available for all iOS & Android phones.
  • Nov 2017
    Job Alerts
    A new addition to the Vincere Website Stack: Instant Job Board & Candidate Portal
    Too many job seekers leave your website without registering, simply because you're not displaying the right vacancies for them right now. With Job alerts, you can convert these website visitors into Candidates inside Vincere by allowing them to subscribe to job alerts based on their preferences.
  • Nov 2017
    New & Improved API v2
    Enhanced version of our modern, robust and secure API
    You’re now able to do a lot more with the variety of new features and capabilities - it’s stronger in search, there’s more depth for custom fields and better overall documentation.
  • Nov 2017
    Syncs with Office 365 and Gsuite
    The only calendar built specifically for our industry: Recruitment. The Vincere Planner shows all your activities by type. Including what Perm candidates start their new role month, which Contractors are finishing this week, what client meetings you have today.
  • Nov 2017
    Job Board Multi-Poster
    With the new Vincere-LogicMelon integration, instantly distribute new vacancies to thousands of global job boards. Applicants will be automatically received into the job pipeline of Vincere, ready to be actioned.
  • Nov 2017
    Configure and map your workflows into Vincere
    Create and select sub-statuses for Candidates in the Pipeline to get a precision view of where they’ve reached in the application process for a Job. Do you conduct internal interviews with a Candidate before sending them to a Client? Add it as a sub-status. A background check before a Candidate is placed? Sub-status.
  • Nov 2017
    Consolidated Job & Company Activity views
    See all comments related to a particular Job or Company in one clean, timeline view
    The Activity tabs in Job and Company records now contains all comments, tasks and meetings that are related to that Job or Company; so you can spend less time looking for information and more time acting on it.
  • Nov 2017
    Save layouts
    See the information that matters most to you
    Create multiple layouts and set your favorite as default. For example, flip between Perm or Temp views inside the Vincere Pipeline.
  • Nov 2017
    Turn resumes into Candidates immediately
    Want to add resumes into Vincere quickly and easily? Drag & drop your resumes, and Vincere will do the rest, turning the resumes into Candidates immediately.
  • Sep 2017
    Distribution Lists
    Talent Pools for Contacts
    Create as many segmented Contact lists as you like. Set them as public or private, or only share them with specific users. A great way to manage your business development processes and email marketing campaigns.
  • Sep 2017
    New Table Filters
    New filters for even more control over what you see and can search
    Filter ATS table views by Candidate type: All Candidates, My Candidates, My & My Groups (Teams) Candidates
  • Sep 2017
    Infinite Scrolling
    Say goodbye to the good old days of pagination
    Infinite Scrolling means you get an efficient, faster & cleaner user experience.
  • July 2017
    Candidate Portal
    An addition to our super popular Instant Job Board
    The Candidate Portal was built right into the heart of the Instant Job Board and gives your candidates one centralised place to submit their resumes, upload relevant documents, search, apply and check job application statuses. Great for compliance too, ahead of the GDPR.
  • July 2017
    Hotlists Dashboard
    See what's hot at a glance
    A dashboard that gives you an at-a-glance view of all your Hot Jobs, Candidates, Companies and Contacts
  • July 2017
    New Jobs Dashboard
    Instant overview of all jobs
    Get an instant overview of all your Jobs: who owns the most jobs? How many jobs are active, inactive or closed? What is the average fee per job? What's the average time to fill by consultant and company?
  • July 2017
    Companies Dashboard
    Which companies are giving you the most $$$?
    For those of you who have key customers or those who just want to know which companies are giving you the most $$$? Get a handle on exactly how much time and activity your team have invested with the Companies Dashboard - are your efforts worthwhile? Which companies demand most effort for least return...and which clients are the best to work with in terms of activity VS revenue?
  • July 2017
    Leaderboard Dashboard
    Hardwire a winning culture. The game is on!
    We’re kicking things up a notch and gamifying recruitment with the introduction of a brand new dashboard - the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard adds a dash of fun and fosters healthy competition by giving you an instant snapshot of how you are doing compared to your peers,
  • July 2017
    Hot Lists (with a difference)
    Stay focused on the hot jobs and candidates that drive placements *plus define how many days a record remains Hot for...
    We have a new way of helping recruiters to focus their efforts for a limited number of days with our new hot lists. Now you have the ability to make any record ( Candidate / Job / Contact / Company) ‘HOT’ for a limited number of days.
  • July 2017
    *Contract and Temp* Improved Compensation Page
    Auto-calculate rates by mark-up, margin, profit, charge rate
    Track detailed compensation information like : Awards & Compliance – we’ve made these fields country-specific, Pay & Charge, Allowances, Stat Govt Taxes, Optional Factors, Timesheet & Pay Rules and Hours Blend.
  • July 2017
    For Contractor and Temp staffing: your integrated online timesheet & expense management solution
    TimeTemp is our integrated online timesheet and expense management plug-in that works out-of-the-box with Vincere. Your candidates (employees) & your clients (managers) can submit, review and approve/reject timesheets online.
  • June 2017
    Assign, follow and manage tasks for yourself and your team
    Create subtasks and divide your call-list into smaller, trackable action items.
  • June 2017
    A modern Client Portal, without the fuss
    A shiny new feature guaranteed to help you stand out from the competition and win more business, LiveLists transforms the way you engage and collaborate with your clients by allowing your clients to review resumes, accept/reject, schedule interviews or send you messages online.
  • May 2017
    *Improved* Instant Job Board
    Customize your Instant Job Board
    1. New jobs list view: choose to display jobs in a list format 2. Dynamic Banner: add more images as header 3. Link logo to your website: take visitor to any desired webpages 4. Custom Domain: URL Masking 5. Better navigation options: simple breadcrumb menu to improved Candidates's navigation experience. 5. More Languages available
  • May 2017
    Interview Actions
    Complete, cancel or reschedule your interviews
    You can now mark interviews as complete or cancel/reschedule the interview which are tracked automatically to KPIs,
  • May 2017
    Own the day
    With the new calendar on your homepage, you’re now all set to own the day from the moment you log in. You can also enable 2-way calendar sync between Vincere and your email client.
  • Jan 2017
    Candidate Sources Dashboard
    Reveal the performance of your Candidate Sources
    The Candidate Sources Dashboard allows you to view, in real time, how many Candidates have come from each source, and how successful these Candidates have been in the recruitment process. Now, you can make decisions, rather than guesses, about where to allocate your advertising spend.
  • Jan 2017
    LinkMatch Integration
    Update Vincere profiles on LinkedIn
    LinkMatch is the perfect tool to maximise the value that you'll get from Vincere's new, super-powerful LinkedIn Search functionality. Want to know whether or not a LinkedIn profile is already in your database? Or to edit a profile that's already in your database without having to leave LinkedIn? If yes - LinkMatch is for you.
  • Jan 2017
    Broadbean Integration
    Post your jobs to thousands of job boards
    You can now post Jobs to Broadbean - a Job Board Aggregator which can post to over 1,000 Job Boards around the world.
  • Jan 2017
    LinkedIn Search
    Perform quick x-ray searches for LinkedIn Profiles directly from inside Vincere
    Search the whole of LinkedIn's database with just a couple of clicks, without ever having to leave Vincere.
  • Jan 2017
    Merge Companies
    Get rid of duplicate companies
    Over time, it's possible that you will find duplicate records of the same company. With the new Merge functionality, you'll be able to fix the mess and get rid of duplicates in a click.
  • Jan 2017
    Indeed Search
    Search and add Candidate resumes on Indeed directly into Vincere
    You can now search and add Indeed resumes directly into Vincere using the new Indeed Search feature. Target your search by education, skills, job title, location, relevance, distance and experience. To import resumes in bulk, select as many candidates as you wish and select ' Import to Vincere'.
  • Jan 2017
    Radius Search
    Search for candidates by locations
    Search for candidates based on their proximity to the job. This means that you’ll be able to search for suitable candidates say living within 5km of the job location and shortlist them.
  • Jan 2017
    Instant Job Board
    A mobile-optimised website for your jobs and candidates
    The Instant Job Board is your very own mobile-responsive micro-site where you can post Jobs and allow candidates to apply for Jobs. With this out-the-box feature, you don’t need an IT department to start advertising job openings on your website. Just configure the look and feel of the site and get your jobs updated automatically. Now you’re all set to receive applications in less than a minute.
  • Jan 2017
    Quick Post Jobs
    Post jobs with one-click
    Now you have the ability to post jobs to multiple job boards in one-click
  • Jan 2017
    Custom Fields
    Configure Candidate, Job or Company's profile
    You can add as many custom fields for Candidate, Job and / or Company records as you like, all of them will be indexed and searchable by Vincere.
  • Jan 2017
    Fee Forecast
    Show me the money
    Get an accurate forecast fee based on the total number of open jobs you have in your pipeline and the percentage chance of success throughout every stage of the pipeline, from shortlist through to offer.
  • Jan 2017
    Automatic CRM
    A CRM that sets the pace
    Based on the actions you take in the system, Contacts (your customers/clients) will automatically be moved into the right CRM stages for you.
  • Jan 2017
    Actions View vs. Forecast View
    "Number of actions" view vs. "Unique candidates" view
    The only system to crack the activity conundrum, Vincere measures both ‘total actions’ and ‘unique candidates’ in the ATS. Actions view shows you the total number of actions while Forecast view gives you the number of unique candidates.
  • Jan 2017
    Placement Probability by Stage
    Predict your future revenue
    Set the probability of placement by stage to better predict your future revenue. Set the placement probability based on your current metrics and what you’ll get in the Candidate pipeline is an extra layer of sales intelligence and a reliable revenue forecast at every stage.
  • Jan 2017
    Recent Records
    The last 15 records you have viewed
    Recent Records shows you the last 15 recent records you’ve viewed. If you wish to keep a record in view, you can also bookmark it in the KIV tab (Keep In View).
  • Jan 2017
    Convert Email to Record
    Convert an email into a record with one-click
    Good riddance to the frustrations of data entry. You can now easily convert emails to Candidate or Contact records in your database with one-click.
  • Jan 2017
    Quick Upload
    Drag, drop, parse
    Got a bunch of resumes you need to add into the system? Just drag and drop all of them (including ZIP files) into the widget. Hit Parse, click Save and there you have it, new candidates added into your database for you.
  • Jan 2017
    Data Import
    Import data in 3 steps
    No more costly and lengthy data migration jobs. Get all your valuable data into the system is now as easy as 1-2-3. Upload > Map > Import