Hand on heart, does your system drive your team to make money?

Traditional Recruitment systems serve as a system of record. They require the consultant to drive the process, and though they provide visual representation of what has happened, they do not drive best practices (like ‘now what!?’) in their workflow.

Welcome to Vincere, the system of Record Revenue.

Vincere not only shows consultants where they have been, it prompts, prods and pushes consultants to continue onwards and upwards. We don’t just keep track of what has happened, we show what needs to be done now; “Yesterdays actions are tomorrow’s placements if we know what to do today.”

Vincere removes the guess work, it quickly drills down and highlights what needs to be done NOW – “career” consultants become closers, fast.

Disruptive innovation is our thing

Back in 2012 when we released the first version of Vincere, we introduced the pipeline workflow. We were the 1st system with an embedded, action based pipeline system.

This is what Vincere used to look like 5 years ago…


Fast forward to today, if you look at Salesforce, Bullhorn etc…every other system out there is transitioning towards a similar visualized workflow.

Today, we’re dropping another industry-first…the all-new ‘$howtime’ feature…

Presenting $howtime

$howtime is an aggressive move to keep users laser-focused on what makes them money. It cuts out all the noise and gives you a complete view of all active jobs and candidates in a simple unique workflow. A powerful, yet easy-to-use feature, consultants use $howtime to manage candidates through recruiting pipeline, transforming average consultants into master closers.

More than just a system of record, Vincere is a system of revenue. To see $howtime in action, sign up for a free trial here or request a demo today.

Psst….using Vincere?

For our customers, we are going to be holding kick-off webinars to help you get the most out of $howtime. We’ll also be revealing more exciting features that we’ve got coming…

Remember, we’re always on your side and it’s our #1 goal to help you become #1 in what you do.

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