We don’t take any changes to our pricing lightly so here’s everything you ought to know:

We are different.

If you don’t already know our story, Vincere is the brainchild of a former business recruitment owner. We know what recruitment means, we ‘get’ your pain points and we understand your business.

Vincere was built specifically for recruitment and staffing agencies – and that’s our core focus. 5 years ago when our founder designed Vincere, he knew he wanted to create a recruitment CRM/ATS that is powerful, innovative and most importantly, cost-effective for all businesses – no matter what size you are. ( no one said good software has to be expensive, right?)

…Over the past few years, Vincere has grown by leaps and bounds…

The Original Vincere

testsearch SB Screenshot



Boom. Vincere today.



We’ve put out 1 x release every couple of months for the past 2 years. With each release, we deliver more time-saving, money-making features to our customers (Here’s a round-up of all the features we shipped so far in 2017).

The key reason why Vincere has been able to evolve so quickly is because product features come directly from customer requests. We listen and action. Simple.

Today, we have 350 + customers across 42 countries utilizing 14 languages. Our growth has been amazing, even for us, expanding by over 500% in the last 12 months. And all this has been done without marketing, without a sales team.

Almost every dime our customers pay us goes straight back in R&D. We don’t have a big sales team and we spend ZERO on marketing – that’s how we keep our prices competitive for you.

Why are we changing & what’s changing:

The pricing change will allow us to release popular and effective features more quickly, and invest in training, onboarding and customer success which will directly benefit our customer community globally.

We are also doubling down on our development efforts and expanding our sales and support internationally by expanding into the UK / European and US markets (starting with London & New York).

For existing customers…

Don’t panic. You are not affected by this price rise.:

If you’re on the monthly plan, no rise for at least 12 months.
If you’re on the annual plan, you are guaranteed your next renewal at current pricing.

We reserve the right to keep the low prices beyond a 12 month / 2 year period (in other words, we are not saying we will definitely raise prices once this time elapses).

Thinking about switching from monthly > annual?

Great. Now’s the best time to do so. If you switch from monthly to annual plan before 30 Oct, you’ll be able to lock in the current pricing for at least 2 years. This gives you savings of up to $30/month per licence…this really mounts up if you have a team running on Vincere or plan to grow in future.

Not yet a Vincere customer?

This is your last chance to keep the current pricing! If you haven’t signed up for a plan yet, and want to get in on this deal, we’re extending this offer to you too.

A final word

Even with price adjustments, Vincere still is the best value enterprise-grade solution for recruitment business. By far.

We have one simple pricing plan. No hidden extras, no BS. This is what you get from our award-winning platform:

  • Our unique pipeline management platform including our $howtime pipeline
  • Manage perm (direct hire), contract & temp from CRM through to ATS.
  • Website stack: out-of-the-box job board + candidate portal
  • TimeTemp: timesheet and expense management system
  • Market-leading analytics suite
  • PLUS free job posting and candidate inhaling (the ability to post to 100’s of job boards across the world)
  • PLUS +++ more features – compare here

We’re so incredibly thankful each and everyone of you, our customers, who have chosen to use Vincere. We believe in building a great product while also delivering a great customer experience – both of which are critical. So here’s to making more placements.

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