Imagine this: if a Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) officer were to walk into your office today and request a walk-through of the measures you’ve put in to comply with the PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act), would your business ‘survive’ the audit?

In Jan 2017, two companies – JP Pepperdine Group and Propnex Realty – were fined S$10,000 each for failing to protect their customers’ personal information on their IT systems. Don’t let this happen to you. In fact, for any organisation found to be in breach of any of the data protection regulations, the organisation could be directed to rectify the breach by ceasing to collect, correct or remove the affected data. The organisation could also be slapped with a hefty penalty up to S$1 million – enough to kill your business.

Ask yourself this: how secure is your recruitment data? Have you got recruitment data floating between your IT system, Outlook and spreadsheets? If the answer is ‘yes’, you’re putting your business and reputation on the line – it’s time to step up and safeguard your business. And the time is now.

You might know who we are and what we do, but did you know we are the only online recruitment software that is hosted in Singapore? (A quick win for our customers in Singapore – they are already automatically compliant with PDPA.)

According to The Transfer Limitation Obligation, “an organisation must not transfer any personal data to a country or territory outside Singapore except in accordance with requirements prescribed under the PDPA to ensure that organisations provide a standard of protection to personal data so transferred that is comparable to the protection under the PDPA.”

With Vincere, all your data lives in the Singapore Cloud so you’ll never have to worry about personal data overseas transfers.

P.S. Using Bullhorn, JobAdder, Bondadapt, Zoho? Your data is not hosted in Singapore.

Here’s a quick look at Vincere’s technology framework that delivers full compliance with the PDPA:

 Theme Details
 Hosting Location Vincere is the only global recruitment software provider that hosts data in Singapore (in addition to its 5 other global hosting locations).
 Security  Protection against malware, intrusions and unauthorised access to personal information and protect systems from evolving threats.

 For more information, visit our trust page:

 Permissioning and access  control Provide management controls for identity access and provisioning.

 Not everyone needs full access to all data. Vincere has a powerful permissioning system that allows you to get granular with who accesses what data.

 Data Encryption Data is converted into incomprehensible code that requires a ‘key’ for deciding, with the key held by an authorised recipient.
 Auditing and Reporting  Every activity is logged inside Vincere: tasks, meetings, comments, notes and emails. Get a chronological overview of everything in the past, present and the  future.


The PDPA shouldn’t be taken lightly. As recruiters, you work first-hand with personal data daily …from screening candidates to vetting job applications and liaising with clients. If you work at a recruitment or staffing firm that does business in Singapore you can’t afford to have your precious data compromised, deleted or stolen. Any breaches will cost you your business.

Your business should be focused on recruiting and making $$$, so Vincere take care of the rest.

If you’d like to learn more about how Vincere can help safeguard your business, take a 7-day free trial or book a demo today.


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